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Here we go again...second lockdown in the UK. Déjà Vu?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Today is the fist day of the second lockdown in the UK. Panic buying and empty shelves in the shops...the scenes that used to be a norm in March 2020 were presented in front of my eyes yesterday again! Déjà Vu?

Well, yes. But quite an expected result in light of the scheme "eat out, help out" which I called "eat out, help out and die out" since it was announced. People were literally encouraged "to come out, spend and help businesses". We have helped businesses and now the NHS is overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients and the number of daily deaths from Covid-19 is around 500 at present. And this is only the beginning.

In my article dated 1 May 2020 here I mentioned that "Lifting the lockdowns and increasing human interactions will most likely come at a cost of human lives due to a fresh surge in infections" and that "reshaping the labour market, education system as well as entertainment sector is inevitable in such circumstances". These were my reasoning and logic at that time, and we can see now this has happened over the last 6 months...Very sadly, though.

It would have helped a lot to those still alive now if the "ruling" people were listening to their scientific advisers more and on time. As this didn't happen, we now find ourselves where we are at present.

Let the lockdown begin and let us all be patient and careful. Stay safe.

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