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Practical Living Options for Seniors in Need of Extra Care

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

As seniors age, their need for help from others often increases. This help could be as simple as carrying groceries or as involved as providing medicine on a daily basis.

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Nevertheless, there comes a time when seniors have to make decisions regarding their living situation in order to facilitate their needs. Here are some practical living options for seniors in need of care.

Modifying a current home for easier accessibility

Many seniors currently live in homes that weren’t designed or built with their needs in mind. After children grow up and move out, many older individuals decide to continue living in their old home. This decision often stems from a combination of sentimental, practical, and financial reasons. If a senior is in a position to continue living alone and wishes to age in place, it’s possible to make some home modifications to accommodate this desire.

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This option is more affordable than purchasing a new home, and it also prevents the need for seniors to experience the challenges of downsizing.

When modifying a home for greater accessibility, it’s important to focus on the areas that receive the most use. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms should all be modified to offer more room for movement. For example, kitchen modifications can include installing easy-to-pull cabinet knobs, a touch faucet, and ample lighting. If there are stairs in the home, it may be necessary to install a chair lift.

Purchasing a home that is more senior-friendly

For seniors with a will and ability to live on their own who are more flexible with their living situation, Nolo suggests it may be a better idea to purchase a home that is more senior-friendly. Finding a new home comes with several advantages. For one, it’s easier to find a property that is accessible and spacious without having to make complicated modifications. Seniors can also find a new home that is closer to their family, friends, and preferred medical options.

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When looking for a new home, seniors should start by gauging the market and home trends in potential areas where they’d like to live. These numbers can help seniors narrow down their list of options and make it easier to come to a decision. With an average cost breakdown, seniors can roughly determine how much they will need to spend on a more senior-friendly home.

Be cognizant of the need to attend open houses, whether that’s in person or virtual, as well as having an open house for the home being sold. This may require a bit more effort than usual, so plan accordingly with people that can help your senior during the process.

One of the most difficult steps is decluttering, because seniors often have a lifetime’s worth of belongings they may never wish to part with. Clear communication and empathy goes a long way in this regard.

Moving into assisted living

Transitioning to assisted living can be a difficult option for seniors and their loved ones to discuss. However, when all other options have been explored, it may be time to seriously consider this move. There are some advantages to living in one of these facilities that no other living situation can provide. notes that at an assisted living facility, seniors will be given personal care—such as bathing, eating, and getting dressed—as well as access to immediate medical attention when it’s required. They will also be living amongst other seniors and will have the opportunity to participate in scheduled recreational programs, which can be great for establishing a thriving social life in retirement. Even within the perimeters of an assisted living facility, seniors can still find some degree of autonomy.

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As some individuals age, their level of dependency naturally increases. This can make it increasingly difficult for seniors to continue living in their current homes. Although it is a tough decision, it’s important for seniors to determine their living options in order to secure a safe and happy future.

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