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Tech Devices for Elder Care to Help Seniors Live Happier Lives

For many young people, seniors and technology seem like opposites. They perceive older generations to have a hard time catching up with new technologies. As a result, while 17% of North America and 19% of Europe are aged over 65, this demographic is often treated as an afterthought by tech companies.

However, there are several mainstream technologies helping the elderly make their lives easier. Studies show that up to more people aged 65 and older use the internet.

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All-inclusive innovation has empowered the aging population without leaving them on the sideline. Here are some technology products you can find that help seniors enjoy life.

Tile Sticker

This is a technology designed to help seniors avoid losing everyday items. Through Tile Sticker, you can avoid the headaches of always misplacing important items. This is a small device that you can place on remotes, keys, wallets, and other easily misplaced items.

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Whenever you need to find the item, you can use the app on your phone. The pro version of the product offers a Bluetooth range of up to 400 feet, so you can easily locate items you often need in your household.

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Communication is an important part of making the lives of senior citizens more comfortable. It helps prevent the effects of isolation and loneliness.

Being isolated can trigger an increased risk of premature death from different causes, including obesity, heart disease, and a weakened immune system.

Active noise-cancelling headphones can boost your listening experiences for movies, music, podcasts, and more.

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When you call your loved ones on Skype or Zoom, you need a quality headset, which will make audio perfect to ensure the communication experience does not have glitches. You can find an affordable pair that offers everything you need.

Doorbell Camera System

Another technology that can make it easier to be independent for the elderly is a doorbell camera. This allows one to see and speak to whoever is at the front of their door. The technology offers 24/7 streaming and HD video recording, which makes the lives of seniors easier and ensures their safety.

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Through the camera system, you can get automatic alerts to your smartphone when something is delivered or the system detects a visitor. This setup is easy to install and offers a 160-degree field of view, and you can keep hours of snapshot history.

Watch and Health Manager

You can also find a versatile watch, which also serves as a health manager. The watch comes with a heart rate tracker, breathing monitor, oxygen saturation monitor, and access to apps and information.

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In addition, this type of smartwatch allows you to listen to music on platforms like Spotify, track the weather, and pay bills on the go. In addition, you can use the sleep tracker to manage your sleep patterns for the best results. If you’re managing any health condition, a smartwatch can be a good companion to help monitor your health.

Digital Pill Dispenser

To get your medication at the right time each day, you can use a digital pill dispenser. The technology is ideal for seniors and can hold up to 10 different pills of different shapes and sizes.

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You can customize it to any schedule. Hero Health is one of the options for digital pill dispensers. It connects to an app, which helps you track doses and prevent contamination risks.


There are different technologies the elderly can use to improve their independence and mobility. These include gadgets that help them find items they often misplace in the house. Also, with a doorbell camera, one does not always need to walk to the door to know who is at the door.

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