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Welcome to Impact

I am delighted you are reading this page and hope that you will find the contents of the blog useful and some somewhat funny.

I have a lot of interests ranging from health, art and pets to politics, hence a wide range of topics covered in my blog. 

You are more than welcome to share your opinion and thoughts in the blog,  and if you wish, criticise me. 

What is my blog for? 

A place to learn.

A place to share.

A place to draw your inspiration from. 

One of my passions is Pets. In my opinion, they are our companions and friends. I personally fell in love with a homeless kitten while I stayed in India almost 8 years ago and took the struggle to bring her to the UK to live with me.

You can read the story of her relocation to the UK and my guide on how to relocate your pet to the UK here

I am a strong believer that all changes must start from within ourselves.

All crises are a stepping stone on a way to something bigger. What seemed to be a “disaster” at some stage of our lives turns out to be a great “blessing” later.

Knowledge can save. It can save your own life but it can also save many more lives. 

When I was staying in India, a stray dog bit me.  At that time I was in touch with one lady who had a blog dedicated to pets which was of very much help and use to me at that stage when I was in the process of gathering information about how to relocate my own pet from India to the UK.  

She advised me to go to the hospital the following day after I was bitten by a stray dog and ask for the rabies vaccination. Rabies can be fatal if left untreated. So I followed her advice. 

This particular event not only made me aware of such an infectious disease and sparked my interest in this field but also her timely advice potentially saved my life.

If it wasn't for her advice, I might not be alive today and wouldn't be typing this now. Truly, knowledge is life-saving!

Sharing knowledge and taking action for improving awareness about certain issues in society is vital if we are to make changes in this world for the better. 

Hope you have an enjoyable experience in my blog and I look forward to your feedback.

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